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What are Paid to Promote sites?
A Paid-to-promote site (or simply PTP) is website where you can earn money for promote and share links on other websites.
In this page you will find only the best and most reliable Paid to Promote sites.

How does Paid to Promote work?
When you sign-up on a PTP website, you get an affiliate link. Promote your affiliate link on other website and start earning.
You get paid for the visit that your affiliate link receives. (Members are usually paid per 1000 unique visits (CPM) to that link).
Note: Usually, the PTP websites have information where you can promote their links. Not all sites are accepted.
Be sure to check the terms of service of all sites (PTP sites and other websites where promote your affiliate links) to ensure that your PTP links are supported.

How to make money with Paid to Promote sites?
The best way to make money with PTP site is to advertise your "PTP link" in allowed "manual traffic-exchange sites (TE)".
(usually autosurf is not allowed, like as other PTP programs, mobile traffic, VPS, proxies and non-traceable traffic)
If you are using some TE, insert your PTP link there. You will be earning at the traffic-exchange and at PTP sites at the same time!!
(but remember, read always the TOS and checks whether the source traffic from TE websites is allowed).
Other valid sites where to publish your PTP link are PTC sites, Revenue Sharing sites
and any allowed traceable traffic source with minimum 5 sec. exposure time (the minimum exposure time can vary at every site).

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