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What are PTC sites?

Paid to Click Sites or simply "PTC Sites" provides an easy way to make money online from home through internet, while sitting in front of your PC.
In fact Paid to click sites are the easiest way to Make Money Online, without any skills required; all Paid to Click Sites are free to join.
In this page you will find only the most reliable and Best PTC sites - Only the best elite ptc, best legit ptc, most trusted and best paying ptc sites!!

How to earn money online with Paid to Click websites?
In Paid to click websites you can earn money by clicking ads and make money through affiliate programs (referrals).
In addition, many ptc sites also allow you to make money online in others ways, for example, by taking paid surveys, completing paid offers or simple paid tasks.
These other earning opportunities allow you to earn extra money and quickly reach the cashout, or, if you prefer, you can use this money to rent more referrals and increase your earnings!!
We suggest you to use only the trusted PTC sites online and paying for several months or Paid to click sites managed by a serious and reliable admin.
We do not recommend you to register on each new PTC site; many of the new Paid to click sites become "PTC scam" after a few days or a few months.

Visit the Best GPT sites page to learn about the other opportunities to make money online without investment by taking paid surveys, by completing tasks or by completing paid offers.

How to get referrals for paid to click sites?
Promote your PTC affiliate links, get direct referrals and increase your earnings!!
You can promote your affiliate links on the other Paid To Click sites, Traffic Exchange sites, Paid to Promote sites, GPT sites, blog, forum, etc.

Notes on Paid To Click websites:
Elite PTC: The Elite Paid to click websites are the best ptc sites (the best does not imply higher earnings); Elite ptc are sites that are online and paying for more than 3 years without any major issues. Practically the Best PTC sites on the web.
Legit PTC: The legit sites are the paid to click websites that are online at least 1 year and currently is paying without major problems.
Trusted PTC: The trusted ptc are paid to click websites online for less than a year, but considered reliable because currently is paying and managed by a trusted & honest admin. These sites do not satisfy the requirement of legit Paid to click sites.
New PTC: The new ptc sites are paid to click websites that are online for a few days/months.
Here we mention only new promising Paid to click sites. Many of the new PTC sites turn on the "Scam PTC sites" after a few months, so pay attention.
Scam PTC: The scam paid to click sites are sites that do not pay, then sites are to be avoided.

In this page we have mentioned only the Best paid to click sites, most trusted and paying websites, but remember, any kind of investment in the Internet poses a high risk!
If you are new in this kind of earnings, we do not recommend investing your money! ...until you understand how this business works.
If you decide to invest your money, never invest more than you can afford to lose - Be careful before you throw your money in a website.

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